Welcome to JACK4U

JACK4U gives you the possibility to route the audio data from any ASIO capable Digital Audio Workstation (Ableton Live,NI Traktor,Pure Data…) to Unity3d with the JACK Audio System on Windows.


Route audio from a DAW into Unity3d

If you ever wanted to work with live audio in Unity3d but missed the power and features of your favorite DAW you are now able to combine the best of both worlds

Easy installation

JACK4U makes the installation process of all components very clean and easy.
You don't have to search hours on the web to get all the components and information you need for a running system.

Use other Assets without modifications

There are some other Assets for Unity3d that rely on audio in Unity3d. As the audio is injected into the Unity pipeline you can provide the audio stream to other Assets like Visualizer Studio without any modification.

Get the lowest latency for realtime audio processing

If you want to create a realtime audio reactive application you need the lowest latency for a great and convincing experience.